Who is Inkybee for?

Professionals in digital marketing, social media marketing, public relations and SEO.

What is Inkybee?

Inkybee is a suite of simple web-based tools to help you manage the entire digital outreach process from finding influencers through to measuring outreach campaigns.

What is blogger outreach and/or influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is an emergent form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. Blogger outreach is a specific element of this marketing based on the practice of communicating with bloggers to provide them with valuable content that is attractive to their audience.

So how do you define “influence”?

We don’t! Influence is a multi-dimensional concept that goes beyond a single metric. It is related to the ability to generate an action or a change of opinion. Inkybee provides multiple data points for every blog so that users can make their own assessment of influence.

How does Inkybee work?

Inkybee uses a bunch of clever algorithms, text-processing and machine learning techniques to process a huge amount of “big data”, but you don’t need to worry about any of that. Access is via a simple web interface, so there is no software to download.

How many blogs do you cover?

Our database of blogs is huge and already covers over a million of the world’s best blogs. It is growing fast – thousands of blogs are added every day and we have intelligent systems that work hard to minimise spam.

How do I get started?

Click the sign up button on the homepage and you can start a 14-day free trial in seconds.

Is a contract required?

No. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. Every new user in Inkybee is entitled to use it for 14 days, after which you can pick one of the affordable subscription models.

How much does Inkybee cost?

Pricing is based on an affordable monthly subscription depending on the size of your business. There are agency plans for small and large teams and also an “in-house” team plan. Plus, we are happy to set up bespoke plans if these don’t suit your needs. The price you get in at is the price you pay for life (subject to the Inkybee t&c’s). Full details of the pricing plans are shown here: Pricing page

What kinds of support do you offer?

All support is via email. We aim for a maximum response time of 24 hours, normally much quicker! We love to hear anything you say. Please do ‘contact us’ directly, or you can also tweet to @TheInkybee.

Can I export my Inkybee data?

Yes. Everything that you create in Inkybee can be exported in either pdf or csv format. Plus you can whitelabel your reports to use them directly with your clients.

Can I discover blogs based on geographic location?

Yes. It is possible to filter your blog searches by country, state and city. However, a word of caution – not all blogs state a location, so filtering in this way may miss some important blogs.

What languages do you cover?

Inkybee is currently mainly English-speaking, but the other languages are growing fast and you can set your search filters according to the language that you want. Plus, you can add any blogs you want to Inkybee, in any language.

Can I find contact information for bloggers?

Yes. Inkybee automatically provides social media profiles for bloggers and also collects suggested email addresses. These are publicly available addresses, picked up from the contact-us pages or social media accounts for the blogs.

Does Inkybee have access to historical data?

Yes. Inkybee has been tracking posts for blogs in our database since 2011. New blogs are only tracked from when they are added to the database. Plus, historical blog posts can be added to campaign results and evaluated as though they had been picked up by Inkybee.

Are there any limits or restrictions?

In the paid plans there are limits on the numbers of users and new campaigns that you can start each month.

Why do I have to authorise with Google Analytics?

You don’t have to do this, but Google Analytics authorisation is important if you want to measure what web traffic has visited your (or your client’s) website as a result of a campaign. It enables Inkybee to match web traffic arising from each and every blog, giving you definitive evidence of which blogs are working and which are not.

How do you assess relevancy?

At the moment, we make a mathematical assessment of relevancy based on the use of the specified language across all of the blogs in our system. Expect this to get much more sophisticated shortly when we introduce version 2 of this fingerprinting technology.

What is Software-as-a-Service?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a smart way of delivering a web-based product. We take care of running the software, and you pay for access. There’s no capital outlay and you only pay for the services you need. You don’t have to download or install any software. Your data is kept safe with regular backups. You can access the software from any computer. You don’t need to upgrade every couple of years – upgrades happen frequently and without fuss.